Paris Astronomical Data Centre

Observatoire de Paris

Collaborative research or doing real science online

Presented by Ivan Zolotukhin (Sternberg Astronomical Institute) and Igor Chilingarian (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon / Sternberg Astronomical Institute)

Following the Virtual Observatory getting mature more and more science cases arise from its usage. We would like to present one more live demonstration of what can be done in the field of galactic astronomy having knowledge of recent surveys, specifically tackling the well-known problem of optical identification of x-ray sources discovered in Galactic Plane. We will show that in the frame of entirely new way of VO-powered collaborative communications that allow (remote) researchers to do scientific analysis together simultaneously. The talk is aimed at the broad audience interested not only in given particular subject of astronomy but also at those who seeks for new opportunities that VO offers to researchers in their everyday work.